Less Can Be So Much More

Guest Post by Leah Steinbruecker, Future Public Relations Professional

John Kabat-Zinn starts off with the delivery of what mindfulness is; how this act is through an ancient Buddhist practice of waking up and living in harmony with oneself and with the world, but also examine who we are and what is this world we are living in. The overlying picture is being in “touch,” with oneself, the world, the people around you and etc.

AMy initial reaction as I was going through “ Wheverever You Go There You Are” and reading what mindfulness is and some of the tips Kabat-Zinn gives the reader, such as concentration, asking questions and breathing, was a little overwhelming and seemed like something that I did not connect to. I was not interested in living my constant life having to take in my surrounding and breath a certain way, I actually thought it was a waste of time when I could be doing something more useful.

However as I continued reading, and listened to other peoples’ thoughts in class discussion, I started opening up my mind a little bit more. I started to realize that living in today’s age of constant news flow and social media, that I should be more mindful.

As I concluded the book being full of mindfulness knowledge, I came to the distinction for my life that I do not have to practice mindfulness on a constant stream. I do not have to go through my days and keep questioning what is happening or be in meditation as I am walking to class. For me, I realized I can practice mindfulness in the morning when I wake up. Take three to five minutes and just lie there and realize what is around me, feel the warmth in my bed and how soft the pillow is under my head.

I have turned my initial thoughts and now believe in the act of mindfulness. I agree with the Buddhist practice of being in “touch” with myself and surroundings and have found that I do not have to live in constant mindfulness, but take time out of my day and make the time mine.


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