Ethics: A Means of Change and Way of Life

Guest Post by John Muir, Aspiring Sports Broadcaster   

Living is easy. Not quite so simple is living while being mindful of one’s ethical responsibility in society. From experience, I know all about both of these ways of life. I used to go around saying and doing whatever I wanted. Very similar to some other teenagers that you likely remember from your past. Possibly, this was person was a friend, an enemy, or even you yourself. There was no filter on what would come out of my mouth and nothing to check my behavior.

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 5.52.24 PMAlthough I was fortunate enough to have a loyal group of friends, many outside of that alliance were not a fan of the person that I was. When I left the sheltered high school setting for the much larger collegiate stage, I entered knowing absolutely nobody. Prior to my freshman year, I realized that there was an opportunity for change. That change was to live my life obeying the ethical standards set forth by society. I began thinking about my words and actions prior to putting them on display for the world. Not only was the reception of others better, but I personally began to feel better. I had to begin putting conscious thought into every decision I made but it has been more than worthwhile.

Pride is taken in the fact that I now live my life ethically and do what is right by the culture in which I live. When I read in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work, Wherever You Go, There You Are, that ethics has been defined as “obedience to the unenforceable,” I could not do anything but agree.  Not abiding by ethics brings no legal consequence, and ethical standards cannot all be found in the law of the United States. However, when one disregards ethics, they do a disservice to other people and themself.

As I have found from experience, life is much more worthwhile when one is fulfilling his or her duty as a world citizen to hold in regard ethical practices. Ethics is not a part-time action but rather a life consuming matter. However, I could not imagine going back to living a life where a single decision is made without weighing the ethical implications. If you have yet to allow ethics to be a major part of your life, give it a try. I promise that you will not regret the decision.


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