Pill Addiction: The Oldest Fad in Hollywood.

Guest Post by Lita Smith, Future Ad Professional

Hollywood is America’s hot spot for trends. We idolize celebrities in this country and our media is literally wrapped around the scandalous lives of the rich and famous. We look up to them for fashion advice, travel ideas and we love when they do every-day-things like wash their cars or order venti iced soy lattes. But the worst trend our nation follows is the notorious pill addiction many stars are into.

SmithStars from Eminem to Paris Hilton have had their struggles with pill popping, but for some reason our society takes this addiction as a fun and chic trend that you HAVE to follow. I get it, popping a pill is a whole lot easier to do than smoking, drinking or (God forbid) ‘shooting up’ and our country is known for going about things as easily as possible. But the fact that we glamorize celebrities for abusing prescription medicine like Vicodin, Ambien and Xanax is jaw-dropping.

As I began reading Drugs for Life, I could relate to the central message instantly. Consumers have to be educated about what their doctors are prescribing them and we really have to weigh in the risk/benefit ration for each medicine we take. I grew up in a household where medicine was rarely an option. We cured our aches, pains, and fevers with home remedies like teas and vitamins. I remember one time I had terrible menstrual cramps and my mother told me to do a bit of yoga and put a hot pad on my stomach. No, it did not completely ale my pain but it definitely made the pain more manageable and I didn’t have to go on birth control or flood my stomach with Tylenol to survive. And all this stemmed from my mother’s back ground in the medical field and my father’s background in marketing. They both knew how prescription drugs were advertised to allure people into becoming hypochondriacs and self-medicators.

In retrospect I see my childhood as being very blessed with this knowledge early on. I didn’t grow up depending on pills to cure my headaches or anxieties but at the time I was so resentful towards my parents because they wouldn’t allow me to have a quick fix to my problems. But after reading the cases presented in this book, I realized allowing chemicals to constantly fix what my body can naturally cure on it’s own can be more detrimental than I initially thought. Of course, if you get in a serious accident or have surgery you should allow yourself to take hydrocodone or whatever your doctor prescribes but it should be monitored and taken only until the pain is manageable. Painkillers and sleeping pills are so commonly dependable for addicts and being addicted to these medicines is no joke. So the next time you see washed up, has-been celebrities poppin’ pills on Bravo or E! remember that what they’re doing is more depressing than admirable.


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