It’s Okay

Guest Post by Laura Podewils, Future Graphic Designer

I find mindfulness to be a lost art in today’s high-tech and fast moving society. Every minute of everyday people seem to be rushing to do one thing or another. It always feels like there are a million things to do and we believe that if we don’t keep moving our world will come to an end. Nowadays if someone doesn’t have a task to accomplish they feel like they are missing something or that there must be some other job that needs to be done. No one takes the time to just pause, take a breath and look at the world around them.

Jon Kabat-Zinn says “Our minds are such that we are often more asleep than awake to the unique beauty and possibilities of each present moment as it unfolds. While it is the nature of our mind to go on automatic pilot and actually lose touch with the only time we actually have to live, to grow, to feel, to love, to learn…” I think Kabat-Zinn hit the nail right on the head. It seems like growing up in today’s society we are programmed at a very early age that we need to work hard to be successful and that there is always something more you could be doing to get ahead. Society values success and power, but is this really a good way to live? If the only focus is on getting ahead and preparing for the future you forget to live in the present.

I believe this logic to be flawed. By putting so much pressure on people to come up with great ideas that will solve problems and change the world they really do not get the chance to look at the world around them. If given the time to get to know the world, to observe and to learn, people would be able to come up with new, exciting and creative ideas that could really do some good. However, people today do not have the luxury of time. Things must be done quickly and in a timely fashion and if that means sacrificing quality and the opportunity for learning and discovery. I really believe that people today need to give Kabat-Zinn’s way of life a serious look.

Podewils Picture 167It should be okay to take time to think and meditate on situations. Life is short and only focusing on getting ahead will not allow you to enjoy the precious moments in the present. I also believe that practicing mindfulness will help create better ideas that could have a favorable impact on the world. Taking time to observe and learn about the world will help in problem solving because by understanding the world you can understand what it needs. You never know what you might learn just by taking a few moments to smell the roses.


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