Occupy Nation: A Book that Captures Hearts

Guest Post by: Arlesia Morse

While reading Occupy Nation by Todd Gitlin there were two key points that I believe made not only the movement itself a success but the book as well. The two points could be seen through these two quotes, “We are the 99%” and “People are angry, and right now they’re taking their anger out on themselves – the quiet riots of suicide and depression.” You’re probably wondering why out of all the quotes in the book you would choose these. The two quotes above mean so much more than the naked eye can see.

Morse1Coming from Flint Michigan, where I was born and raised, you see a lot of things as a child and or a young adult that you wish you didn’t have to see. Our city is below poverty level and also one of the most dangerous. You’ve seen the bottom. Parents working dead-end jobs and struggling day-in and day-out. The voice that the movement Occupy on Wall Street gave the “lower class people” was phenomenal! “We are the 99%” gave us a voice. It helped fuel people’s fire to come together and make a difference – to fight for economic and social equality. It captured hearts and energized groups all around the world. Even UAW workers adopted the slogan to show that no matter what your economic status is, we all shall be held accountable – no matter the stature or the size of their wallet.

Morse2Gitlin’s book covering the Occupy on Wall Street was remarkable. It wasn’t your cookie cutter informative book that made you think, “why am I are even reading this.” It was a book that captured hearts in an unknowingly way. It challenges you to view society from a different prospective. This book gave people hope – “the audacity of hope.”  Sometimes hope is just a mere feeling that changes nothing. Other times hope can be so powerful it moves communities and nations. It didn’t matter if the situation was a lost or a win it brought people together in a new light.  With this book he gave people hope and for that, this book is for sure a winner.


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