Privacy. Does it still exist?

Guest Post by: Anna Ogunkunle, Marquette University ’15 Public Relations & Spanish

ACWhen you make a Twitter or Facebook account they always ask whether you want to make your page private or public. Choosing the private setting makes you feel safer because no one but your friends and people you approve can see your post.  But is it really true? Is your page really private or is it something you’re told to feel safer. Since the development of social media the idea and definition of privacy has changed for the worse. Nothing you post online is actually private. People can find a way to see everything, but do these people also need to include future employers?

In today’s world it is completely normal to have the information for your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account on your resume. By doing this you give the employer the right to look through these pages and find out a bit more about you. Most people usually clean up their accounts so future employers don’t see certain things, but what happens when you are at a job interview and the interviewer asks you to log into your Facebook account? Your hands immediately becoming sweaty because there are some things just meant for you and your friends to see and you try not to give a rude expression. Asking applicants and employees to log into their social media accounts has become an issue in the workplace. Is this really an appropriate question to be asking employees and applicant? When it comes to a job interview there are certain things applicants shouldn’t be asked and their social media information is one of them. It is not only a breach of privacy, it is unnecessary. An applicant’s resume should speak on the behalf of the applicant and not what goes on in their life. It’s understandable that the person will be representing the company outside of work but many people know how to keep work and life separate. A person’s private life and what they do shouldn’t affect an applicant or employee because the company feels the need to know what they are doing outside of work. People sign up for social media sites as a way to connect with their friends and be able to express themselves. Employers will take away this freedom by asking to look at people’s accounts and snooping around. Privacy is what everyone seeks and a company shouldn’t be breaking employees or applicants right to privacy.


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