CEO Compensation

Today in class we discussed loyalty. As we talked about the case of Whole Foods, where two co-CEOs run the company, the intersection of money and fairness came up. The co-CEOs are part of a seven person executive team, all of whom earn the same salary. Their salaries are 19 times the average wage of a full-time worker. That lead to a discussion about the ethics of the growing salary gap between workers and CEOs and what media professionals might do. According to The Globalist  the U.S. has the greatest disparity – far larger than most countries.

Japan 67 time

Britain 84 times

France 127 times

Germany 147 times

United States 354 times

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 4.33.50 PM

In November of last year the Swiss left attempted to address salary disparity. According to The Guardian, there was a vote on the so-called 1:12 campaign, which would have capped executive salary at 12 times that of the average worker. The referendum went down 34.7% in favor to 65.3% against. 

Funny, this story was covered for a day, maybe two, while “news” about a celebrity’s death by drug overdose (and not the problem of addiction) or a disappearing jetliner was covered over and over and over… To quote Clara Peller, from a 1984 Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the beef?”



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