Corporate Social Responsibility & Kinder Bueno

Guest Post by: Claire Kelly

While studying abroad in Italy last spring, I learned a lot outside of the classroom. I also enjoyed exploring the different corners of Italy and all of the culture that came with it. One treat that my roommates and I in Rome enjoyed far too often, were Kinder products. It was a chocolate candy that came in many varieties and was placed in the impulse section of the grocery store. These treats became our favorite desert throughout the semester, next to gelato of course. Throughout our travels in Europe we continued to see Kinder in every grocery store we came across. We found them in Budapest, Hungry; Barcelona, Spain; Brussels, Belgium and many other cities. Kinder was a product I had never been exposed to before living in Europe. Little did I know, the company has quite a story.

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 5.49.37 PM

Kinder products fall under a company called Ferrero. Ferrero has been an Italian family business, passed down generation to generation since the 1940’s. The company is currently run by Giovanni Ferrero. Giovanni’s grandfather, Michael Fererro was the founder and the first Italian manufacturer to open confectionary stores, sites and offices abroad after World War II. This was a monumental start for the company. Ferrero products include Kinder Bueno, Kinder Pingui, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tacs and Raffaelo. The products reach countries all throughout Europe, America, Asia and have made their way to Australia and New Zealand. In the Mission statement on their website, Ferrero states that they strive to be “glocal”, to at globally but think locally. The Ferrero group credits being “glocal” to their international success.

Corporate Social Responsibility is the responsibility that every company has to contribute to society in a healthy and positive way. Whether a company works to be sustainable, environmentally friendly, or contribute to another cause, bettering society is the main goal. The Ferrero group motto for Corporate Social Responsibility is “Sharing Values, to Create Value”. They laid out a plan for being socially responsible for the coming years 2013-2020.

Ferrero divides their goals for Corporate Social Responsibility into several categories:

  • For Human Rights
  • For The Environment
  • For Raw Materials
  • For a Healthy Lifestyle

Within the context of each category, they outline how they plan to better the world through these outlets in association with their products and company. I’ll provide an example of an action that falls under each category. The rest of the plans can be found online. For Human Rights, The Ferrero group created an organization called Ferrero Foundation of Alba. This organization was designed to embrace the human condition and increase the importance of social life after retirement. This program offers assistance socially and health wise to former employees. The goal in this outline was to extend and enhance the program further. For the Environment, they made it a goal to use 20% less water consumption per unit of a product and work to use packaging from renewable sources before 2020. For Raw Materials, Ferrero is striving to make 100% cocoa, 100% coffee and 100% cane sugar is certifiably sustainable. For a Healthy Lifestyle, the company wants to continue, achieve and extend their program Kinder + Sports, encouraging activity along with products on the sweeter side.

The Ferrero Group motto “Sharing Values, to Create Value” is a great way to explain what Corporate Social Responsibility is. Ferrero is looking at weaknesses in society and finding ways that they, as a successful company, can contribute to the cause. Having positive thoughts behind actions, makes a company stand out amongst companies more focused on money than on their impact. The Ferrero group takes their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously; as they succeed as a company they are striving to better society.


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