Mindfulness Shared

A student from last semester sent me a note after returning from a two-week service trip to South Africa. Prior to my class he had no knowledge of mindfulness. He described how on this trip he practiced mindfulness, intertwining it with his normal day-to-day activities. “I noticed myself also utilizing mindfulness in a new culture. I wanted to share that with you because the things you are teaching are making an impact on students’ lives’ – not only in Milwaukee, but across the globe.” He also sent a link to an article in Time about Nine Ways to Practice Mindfulness and succeed professionally. Thought I’d share it.

  • Forgive and forget

Don’t get sucked into drama. Let it go and move on to important things.

  • Breathe before you blast

When angry breathe before you respond to anyone, in any way.

  • Stop judging

Mistakes help us all learn. Harping brings you and others down.

  • Follow your heart

Choose your work with intention. When it doesn’t fit move on.

  • Still your mind daily

Carve out time each morning to still your mind. Make it a habit.

  • Salute your enemies

Bow to the divine within your enemies. You may have fewer of them.

  • Take victory in stride

Don’t get attached to your success, you’ll be less able to cope with defeat.

  • Sleep more

It’s the best form of mediation.

  • Enjoy the journey

Life is short. Enjoy what you do and you’ll do it better.



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