Reflecting on Reflections

Dear students,

I wanted to send a note to thank you all for a wonderful semester. I enjoyed teaching you and hope you left this class a bit wiser, and maybe calmer, with a handful of tools for making ethical decisions. mindless-2I read each of your Mindfulness Reflections and, without exception, they were well-written and wise. Each of you shared bits of wisdom many of which I will take with me from “respond rather than react” and “happiness is a skill;” along with reminders of the serenity prayer, to breathe in calm, to never forget your obligation to yourself. There were also warnings by the skeptics and comments on how the “weirdest assignment” ever helped you “rule your mind.” Last, but not least, there were the inspiring images, two of which I have used here.Mindless 1.pngFor all of this and our engaging discussions, I am sincerely grateful.

Dr. Grow